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The Tragedy of Timon of Athens

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Act V, Scene 2

Before the walls of Athens.


[Enter two Senators and a Messenger]

  • First Senator. Thou hast painfully discover'd: are his files
    As full as thy report?
  • Messenger. have spoke the least:
    Besides, his expedition promises 2525
    Present approach.
  • Messenger. I met a courier, one mine ancient friend;
    Whom, though in general part we were opposed,
    Yet our old love made a particular force, 2530
    And made us speak like friends: this man was riding
    From Alcibiades to Timon's cave,
    With letters of entreaty, which imported
    His fellowship i' the cause against your city,
    In part for his sake moved. 2535

[Enter the Senators from TIMON]

  • Third Senator. No talk of Timon, nothing of him expect.
    The enemies' drum is heard, and fearful scouring
    Doth choke the air with dust: in, and prepare: 2540
    Ours is the fall, I fear; our foes the snare.