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Privacy Policy for

This page describes the privacy policy of Open Source Shakespeare (OSS), as of July 15, 2004.

Information we collect from you

We, the management of OSS, collect the basic information that your browser sends to our Web server. That information includes your IP address, the name of your browser and its version number, and the pages you request from our site. By comparison, virtually every Web server on the Internet collects this information. This information does not include your e-mail address or any other information stored on your computer.

We do not collect personal data such as your age, home address, or body weight. We do not collect financial data of any kind. We do not profit from any data your browser sends to us; indeed, we do not profit from this site at all.

How we use your information

We generate traffic reports on what you and other users do on the site. These reports are of a general nature and do not detail what individual users do on the site. For troubleshooting purposes, we may look at the server logs, which are helpful when solving problems. Your name and personal data are not tied to these logs.

Third-party information sharing

We may share the traffic reports mentioned above with third parties from time to time. This sharing is for informational purposes only, not for commercial purposes.


If you have any questions about the privacy policy, please e-mail

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