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Speeches (Lines) for Hotspur (Henry Percy)
in "Richard II"

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Earl of Northumberland. It is my son, young Harry Percy,
Sent from my brother Worcester, whencesoever.
Harry, how fares your uncle?

Hotspur (Henry Percy). I had thought, my lord, to have learn'd his health of you.



Earl of Northumberland. Why, is he not with the queen?

Hotspur (Henry Percy). No, my good Lord; he hath forsook the court,
Broken his staff of office and dispersed
The household of the king.



Earl of Northumberland. What was his reason?
He was not so resolved when last we spake together.

Hotspur (Henry Percy). Because your lordship was proclaimed traitor.
But he, my lord, is gone to Ravenspurgh,
To offer service to the Duke of Hereford,
And sent me over by Berkeley, to discover
What power the Duke of York had levied there;
Then with directions to repair to Ravenspurgh.



Earl of Northumberland. Have you forgot the Duke of Hereford, boy?

Hotspur (Henry Percy). No, my good lord, for that is not forgot
Which ne'er I did remember: to my knowledge,
I never in my life did look on him.



Earl of Northumberland. Then learn to know him now; this is the duke.

Hotspur (Henry Percy). My gracious lord, I tender you my service,
Such as it is, being tender, raw and young:
Which elder days shall ripen and confirm
To more approved service and desert.



Earl of Northumberland. How far is it to Berkeley? and what stir
Keeps good old York there with his men of war?

Hotspur (Henry Percy). There stands the castle, by yon tuft of trees,
Mann'd with three hundred men, as I have heard;
And in it are the Lords of York, Berkeley, and Seymour;
None else of name and noble estimate.



Henry IV. I know it, uncle, and oppose not myself
Against their will. But who comes here?
Welcome, Harry: what, will not this castle yield?

Hotspur (Henry Percy). The castle royally is mann'd, my lord,
Against thy entrance.



Henry IV. Royally!
Why, it contains no king?

Hotspur (Henry Percy). Yes, my good lord,
It doth contain a king; King Richard lies
Within the limits of yon lime and stone:
And with him are the Lord Aumerle, Lord Salisbury,
Sir Stephen Scroop, besides a clergyman
Of holy reverence; who, I cannot learn.



Duke of Aumerle. Fitzwater, thou art damn'd to hell for this.

Hotspur (Henry Percy). Aumerle, thou liest; his honour is as true
In this appeal as thou art all unjust;
And that thou art so, there I throw my gage,
To prove it on thee to the extremest point
Of mortal breathing: seize it, if thou darest.



Henry IV. Can no man tell me of my unthrifty son?
'Tis full three months since I did see him last;
If any plague hang over us, 'tis he.
I would to God, my lords, he might be found:
Inquire at London, 'mongst the taverns there,
For there, they say, he daily doth frequent,
With unrestrained loose companions,
Even such, they say, as stand in narrow lanes,
And beat our watch, and rob our passengers;
Which he, young wanton and effeminate boy,
Takes on the point of honour to support
So dissolute a crew.

Hotspur (Henry Percy). My lord, some two days since I saw the prince,
And told him of those triumphs held at Oxford.



Henry IV. And what said the gallant?

Hotspur (Henry Percy). His answer was, he would unto the stews,
And from the common'st creature pluck a glove,
And wear it as a favour; and with that
He would unhorse the lustiest challenger.



(stage directions). [Enter HENRY PERCY, and the BISHOP OF CARLISLE]

Hotspur (Henry Percy). The grand conspirator, Abbot of Westminster,
With clog of conscience and sour melancholy
Hath yielded up his body to the grave;
But here is Carlisle living, to abide
Thy kingly doom and sentence of his pride.

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