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Speeches (Lines) for Lord Marshal
in "Richard II"

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(stage directions). [Enter the Lord Marshal and the DUKE OF AUMERLE]

Lord Marshal. My Lord Aumerle, is Harry Hereford arm'd?



Duke of Aumerle. Yea, at all points; and longs to enter in.

Lord Marshal. The Duke of Norfolk, sprightfully and bold,
Stays but the summons of the appellant's trumpet.



King Richard II. Marshal, demand of yonder champion
The cause of his arrival here in arms:
Ask him his name and orderly proceed
To swear him in the justice of his cause.

Lord Marshal. In God's name and the king's, say who thou art
And why thou comest thus knightly clad in arms,
Against what man thou comest, and what thy quarrel:
Speak truly, on thy knighthood and thy oath;
As so defend thee heaven and thy valour!



King Richard II. Marshal, ask yonder knight in arms,
Both who he is and why he cometh hither
Thus plated in habiliments of war,
And formally, according to our law,
Depose him in the justice of his cause.

Lord Marshal. What is thy name? and wherefore comest thou hither,
Before King Richard in his royal lists?
Against whom comest thou? and what's thy quarrel?
Speak like a true knight, so defend thee heaven!



Henry IV. Harry of Hereford, Lancaster and Derby
Am I; who ready here do stand in arms,
To prove, by God's grace and my body's valour,
In lists, on Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk,
That he is a traitor, foul and dangerous,
To God of heaven, King Richard and to me;
And as I truly fight, defend me heaven!

Lord Marshal. On pain of death, no person be so bold
Or daring-hardy as to touch the lists,
Except the marshal and such officers
Appointed to direct these fair designs.



Henry IV. Lord marshal, let me kiss my sovereign's hand,
And bow my knee before his majesty:
For Mowbray and myself are like two men
That vow a long and weary pilgrimage;
Then let us take a ceremonious leave
And loving farewell of our several friends.

Lord Marshal. The appellant in all duty greets your highness,
And craves to kiss your hand and take his leave.



King Richard II. Farewell, my lord: securely I espy
Virtue with valour couched in thine eye.
Order the trial, marshal, and begin.

Lord Marshal. Harry of Hereford, Lancaster and Derby,
Receive thy lance; and God defend the right!



Henry IV. Strong as a tower in hope, I cry amen.

Lord Marshal. Go bear this lance to Thomas, Duke of Norfolk.



Second Herald. Here standeth Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk,
On pain to be found false and recreant,
Both to defend himself and to approve
Henry of Hereford, Lancaster, and Derby,
To God, his sovereign and to him disloyal;
Courageously and with a free desire
Attending but the signal to begin.

Lord Marshal. Sound, trumpets; and set forward, combatants.
[A charge sounded]
Stay, the king hath thrown his warder down.



Duke of Aumerle. Cousin, farewell: what presence must not know,
From where you do remain let paper show.

Lord Marshal. My lord, no leave take I; for I will ride,
As far as land will let me, by your side.

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