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Two Gentlemen of Verona

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Act V, Scene 3

The frontiers of Mantua. The forest.


[Enter Outlaws with SILVIA]

  • First Outlaw. Come, come,
    Be patient; we must bring you to our captain.
  • Silvia. A thousand more mischances than this one
    Have learn'd me how to brook this patiently. 2135
  • Second Outlaw. Come, bring her away.
  • First Outlaw. Where is the gentleman that was with her?
  • Third Outlaw. Being nimble-footed, he hath outrun us,
    But Moyses and Valerius follow him.
    Go thou with her to the west end of the wood; 2140
    There is our captain: we'll follow him that's fled;
    The thicket is beset; he cannot 'scape.
  • First Outlaw. Come, I must bring you to our captain's cave:
    Fear not; he bears an honourable mind,
    And will not use a woman lawlessly. 2145
  • Silvia. O Valentine, this I endure for thee!