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Much Ado about Nothing

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Act I, Scene 2

A room in LEONATO’s house.


[Enter LEONATO and ANTONIO, meeting]

  • Leonato. How now, brother! Where is my cousin, your son?
    hath he provided this music?
  • Antonio. He is very busy about it. But, brother, I can tell 305
    you strange news that you yet dreamt not of.
  • Antonio. As the event stamps them: but they have a good
    cover; they show well outward. The prince and Count
    Claudio, walking in a thick-pleached alley in mine 310
    orchard, were thus much overheard by a man of mine:
    the prince discovered to Claudio that he loved my
    niece your daughter and meant to acknowledge it
    this night in a dance: and if he found her
    accordant, he meant to take the present time by the 315
    top and instantly break with you of it.
  • Leonato. Hath the fellow any wit that told you this?
  • Antonio. A good sharp fellow: I will send for him; and
    question him yourself.
  • Leonato. No, no; we will hold it as a dream till it appear 320
    itself: but I will acquaint my daughter withal,
    that she may be the better prepared for an answer,
    if peradventure this be true. Go you and tell her of it.
    [Enter Attendants]
    Cousins, you know what you have to do. O, I cry you 325
    mercy, friend; go you with me, and I will use your
    skill. Good cousin, have a care this busy time.