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The Merry Wives of Windsor

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Act V, Scene 3

A street leading to the Park.



  • Mistress Page. Master doctor, my daughter is in green: when you
    see your time, take her by the band, away with her
    to the deanery, and dispatch it quickly. Go before 2530
    into the Park: we two must go together.
  • Doctor Caius. I know vat I have to do. Adieu.
  • Mistress Page. Fare you well, sir.
    My husband will not rejoice so much at the abuse of 2535
    Falstaff as he will chafe at the doctor's marrying
    my daughter: but 'tis no matter; better a little
    chiding than a great deal of heart-break.
  • Mistress Ford. Where is Nan now and her troop of fairies, and the
    Welsh devil Hugh? 2540
  • Mistress Page. They are all couched in a pit hard by Herne's oak,
    with obscured lights; which, at the very instant of
    Falstaff's and our meeting, they will at once
    display to the night.
  • Mistress Ford. That cannot choose but amaze him. 2545
  • Mistress Page. If he be not amazed, he will be mocked; if he be
    amazed, he will every way be mocked.
  • Mistress Ford. We'll betray him finely.
  • Mistress Page. Against such lewdsters and their lechery
    Those that betray them do no treachery. 2550
  • Mistress Ford. The hour draws on. To the oak, to the oak!