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The Tragedy of Macbeth

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Act V, Scene 7

Another part of the field.


[Alarums. Enter MACBETH]

  • Macbeth. They have tied me to a stake; I cannot fly, 2430
    But, bear-like, I must fight the course. What's he
    That was not born of woman? Such a one
    Am I to fear, or none.


  • Young Siward. What is thy name? 2435
  • Macbeth. Thou'lt be afraid to hear it.
  • Young Siward. No; though thou call'st thyself a hotter name
    Than any is in hell.
  • Macbeth. My name's Macbeth.
  • Young Siward. The devil himself could not pronounce a title 2440
    More hateful to mine ear.
  • Macbeth. No, nor more fearful.
  • Young Siward. Thou liest, abhorred tyrant; with my sword
    I'll prove the lie thou speak'st.

[They fight and YOUNG SIWARD is slain]

  • Macbeth. Thou wast born of woman
    But swords I smile at, weapons laugh to scorn,
    Brandish'd by man that's of a woman born.


[Alarums. Enter MACDUFF]

  • Macduff. That way the noise is. Tyrant, show thy face!
    If thou be'st slain and with no stroke of mine,
    My wife and children's ghosts will haunt me still.
    I cannot strike at wretched kerns, whose arms
    Are hired to bear their staves: either thou, Macbeth, 2455
    Or else my sword with an unbatter'd edge
    I sheathe again undeeded. There thou shouldst be;
    By this great clatter, one of greatest note
    Seems bruited. Let me find him, fortune!
    And more I beg not. 2460

[Exit. Alarums]


  • Siward. This way, my lord; the castle's gently render'd:
    The tyrant's people on both sides do fight;
    The noble thanes do bravely in the war; 2465
    The day almost itself professes yours,
    And little is to do.
  • Malcolm. We have met with foes
    That strike beside us.
  • Siward. Enter, sir, the castle. 2470

[Exeunt. Alarums]