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History of King John

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Act V, Scene 3

The field of battle.


[Alarums. Enter KING JOHN and HUBERT]

  • King John. How goes the day with us? O, tell me, Hubert.
  • King John. This fever, that hath troubled me so long,
    Lies heavy on me; O, my heart is sick! 2470

[Enter a Messenger]

  • Messenger. My lord, your valiant kinsman, Faulconbridge,
    Desires your majesty to leave the field
    And send him word by me which way you go.
  • King John. Tell him, toward Swinstead, to the abbey there. 2475
  • Messenger. Be of good comfort; for the great supply
    That was expected by the Dauphin here,
    Are wreck'd three nights ago on Goodwin Sands.
    This news was brought to Richard but even now:
    The French fight coldly, and retire themselves. 2480
  • King John. Ay me! this tyrant fever burns me up,
    And will not let me welcome this good news.
    Set on toward Swinstead: to my litter straight;
    Weakness possesseth me, and I am faint.