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History of King John

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Act III, Scene 2

The same. Plains near Angiers.


[Alarums, excursions. Enter the BASTARD, with] [p]AUSTRIA'S head]

  • Philip the Bastard. Now, by my life, this day grows wondrous hot; 1280
    Some airy devil hovers in the sky
    And pours down mischief. Austria's head lie there,
    While Philip breathes.


  • King John. Hubert, keep this boy. Philip, make up: 1285
    My mother is assailed in our tent,
    And ta'en, I fear.
  • Philip the Bastard. My lord, I rescued her;
    Her highness is in safety, fear you not:
    But on, my liege; for very little pains 1290
    Will bring this labour to an happy end.