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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

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Act III, Scene 3

A street.


Enter CINNA the poet

  • Cinna the Poet. I dreamt to-night that I did feast with Caesar,
    And things unlucky charge my fantasy:
    I have no will to wander forth of doors,
    Yet something leads me forth. 1825

Enter Citizens

  • Cinna the Poet. What is my name? Whither am I going? Where do I 1835
    dwell? Am I a married man or a bachelor? Then, to
    answer every man directly and briefly, wisely and
    truly: wisely I say, I am a bachelor.
  • Second Citizen. That's as much as to say, they are fools that marry:
    you'll bear me a bang for that, I fear. Proceed; directly. 1840
  • Fourth Citizen. Tear him for his bad verses, tear him for his bad verses.
  • Fourth Citizen. It is no matter, his name's Cinna; pluck but his
    name out of his heart, and turn him going.
  • Third Citizen. Tear him, tear him! Come, brands ho! fire-brands: 1855
    to Brutus', to Cassius'; burn all: some to Decius'
    house, and some to Casca's; some to Ligarius': away, go!