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History of Henry VI, Part III

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Act IV, Scene 5

A park near Middleham Castle In Yorkshire.



  • Richard III (Duke of Gloucester). Now, my Lord Hastings and Sir William Stanley, 2280
    Leave off to wonder why I drew you hither,
    Into this chiefest thicket of the park.
    Thus stands the case: you know our king, my brother,
    Is prisoner to the bishop here, at whose hands
    He hath good usage and great liberty, 2285
    And, often but attended with weak guard,
    Comes hunting this way to disport himself.
    I have advertised him by secret means
    That if about this hour he make his way
    Under the colour of his usual game, 2290
    He shall here find his friends with horse and men
    To set him free from his captivity.

[Enter KING EDWARD IV and a Huntsman with him]

  • Huntsman. This way, my lord; for this way lies the game.
  • King Edward IV (Plantagenet). Nay, this way, man: see where the huntsmen stand. 2295
    Now, brother of Gloucester, Lord Hastings, and the rest,
    Stand you thus close, to steal the bishop's deer?
  • Lord Hastings. To Lynn, my lord,
    And ship from thence to Flanders.
  • Huntsman. Better do so than tarry and be hang'd.