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History of Henry VI, Part I

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Act V, Scene 2

France. Plains in Anjou.



  • Charles, King of France. These news, my lord, may cheer our drooping spirits:
    'Tis said the stout Parisians do revolt
    And turn again unto the warlike French. 2425
  • Duke of Alencon. Then march to Paris, royal Charles of France,
    And keep not back your powers in dalliance.
  • Joan la Pucelle. Peace be amongst them, if they turn to us;
    Else, ruin combat with their palaces!

[Enter Scout]

  • Scout. Success unto our valiant general,
    And happiness to his accomplices!
  • Charles, King of France. What tidings send our scouts? I prithee, speak.
  • Scout. The English army, that divided was
    Into two parties, is now conjoined in one, 2435
    And means to give you battle presently.
  • Charles, King of France. Somewhat too sudden, sirs, the warning is;
    But we will presently provide for them.
  • Duke of Burgundy. I trust the ghost of Talbot is not there:
    Now he is gone, my lord, you need not fear. 2440
  • Joan la Pucelle. Of all base passions, fear is most accursed.
    Command the conquest, Charles, it shall be thine,
    Let Henry fret and all the world repine.
  • Charles, King of France. Then on, my lords; and France be fortunate!