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Act I, Scene 5

Corioli. A street.


[Enter certain Romans, with spoils]

[Alarum continues still afar off]

[Enter CORIOLANUS and TITUS LARTIUS with a trumpet]

  • Coriolanus. See here these movers that do prize their hours
    At a crack'd drachm! Cushions, leaden spoons,
    Irons of a doit, doublets that hangmen would
    Bury with those that wore them, these base slaves,
    Ere yet the fight be done, pack up: down with them! 580
    And hark, what noise the general makes! To him!
    There is the man of my soul's hate, Aufidius,
    Piercing our Romans: then, valiant Titus, take
    Convenient numbers to make good the city;
    Whilst I, with those that have the spirit, will haste 585
    To help Cominius.
  • Titus Lartius. Worthy sir, thou bleed'st;
    Thy exercise hath been too violent for
    A second course of fight.
  • Coriolanus. Sir, praise me not; 590
    My work hath yet not warm'd me: fare you well:
    The blood I drop is rather physical
    Than dangerous to me: to Aufidius thus
    I will appear, and fight.
  • Titus Lartius. Now the fair goddess, Fortune, 595
    Fall deep in love with thee; and her great charms
    Misguide thy opposers' swords! Bold gentleman,
    Prosperity be thy page!
  • Coriolanus. Thy friend no less
    Than those she placeth highest! So, farewell. 600
  • Titus Lartius. Thou worthiest CORIOLANUS!
    Go, sound thy trumpet in the market-place;
    Call thither all the officers o' the town,
    Where they shall know our mind: away! 605