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Antony and Cleopatra

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Act IV, Scene 9



[Sentinels at their post]

  • First Soldier. If we be not relieved within this hour,
    We must return to the court of guard: the night
    Is shiny; and they say we shall embattle
    By the second hour i' the morn. 2835
  • Second Soldier. This last day was
    A shrewd one to's.


  • Domitius Enobarus. O, bear me witness, night,—
  • Third Soldier. What man is this? 2840
  • Second Soldier. Stand close, and list him.
  • Domitius Enobarus. Be witness to me, O thou blessed moon,
    When men revolted shall upon record
    Bear hateful memory, poor Enobarbus did
    Before thy face repent! 2845
  • First Soldier. Enobarbus!
  • Third Soldier. Peace!
    Hark further.
  • Domitius Enobarus. O sovereign mistress of true melancholy,
    The poisonous damp of night disponge upon me, 2850
    That life, a very rebel to my will,
    May hang no longer on me: throw my heart
    Against the flint and hardness of my fault:
    Which, being dried with grief, will break to powder,
    And finish all foul thoughts. O Antony, 2855
    Nobler than my revolt is infamous,
    Forgive me in thine own particular;
    But let the world rank me in register
    A master-leaver and a fugitive:
    O Antony! O Antony! 2860


  • Second Soldier. Let's speak To him.
  • First Soldier. Let's hear him, for the things he speaks
    May concern Caesar.
  • Third Soldier. Let's do so. But he sleeps. 2865
  • First Soldier. Swoons rather; for so bad a prayer as his
    Was never yet for sleep.
  • Second Soldier. Go we to him.
  • Third Soldier. Awake, sir, awake; speak to us.
  • Second Soldier. Hear you, sir? 2870
  • First Soldier. The hand of death hath raught him.
    [Drums afar off]
    Hark! the drums
    Demurely wake the sleepers. Let us bear him
    To the court of guard; he is of note: our hour 2875
    Is fully out.
  • Third Soldier. Come on, then;
    He may recover yet.

[Exeunt with the body]