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Antony and Cleopatra

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Act IV, Scene 6

Alexandria. OCTAVIUS CAESAR’s camp.


[Flourish. Enter OCTAVIUS CAESAR, AGRIPPA, with] [p]DOMITIUS ENOBARBUS, and others]

  • Octavius. Go forth, Agrippa, and begin the fight:
    Our will is Antony be took alive; 2705
    Make it so known.
  • Agrippa. Caesar, I shall.


  • Octavius. The time of universal peace is near:
    Prove this a prosperous day, the three-nook'd world 2710
    Shall bear the olive freely.

[Enter a Messenger]

  • Messenger. Antony
    Is come into the field.
  • Octavius. Go charge Agrippa 2715
    Plant those that have revolted in the van,
    That Antony may seem to spend his fury
    Upon himself.


  • Domitius Enobarus. Alexas did revolt; and went to Jewry on 2720
    Affairs of Antony; there did persuade
    Great Herod to incline himself to Caesar,
    And leave his master Antony: for this pains
    Caesar hath hang'd him. Canidius and the rest
    That fell away have entertainment, but 2725
    No honourable trust. I have done ill;
    Of which I do accuse myself so sorely,
    That I will joy no more.

[Enter a Soldier of CAESAR's]

  • Soldier. Enobarbus, Antony 2730
    Hath after thee sent all thy treasure, with
    His bounty overplus: the messenger
    Came on my guard; and at thy tent is now
    Unloading of his mules.
  • Domitius Enobarus. I give it you. 2735
  • Soldier. Mock not, Enobarbus.
    I tell you true: best you safed the bringer
    Out of the host; I must attend mine office,
    Or would have done't myself. Your emperor
    Continues still a Jove. 2740


  • Domitius Enobarus. I am alone the villain of the earth,
    And feel I am so most. O Antony,
    Thou mine of bounty, how wouldst thou have paid
    My better service, when my turpitude 2745
    Thou dost so crown with gold! This blows my heart:
    If swift thought break it not, a swifter mean
    Shall outstrike thought: but thought will do't, I feel.
    I fight against thee! No: I will go seek
    Some ditch wherein to die; the foul'st best fits 2750
    My latter part of life.