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Speeches (Lines) for Prince John
in "Henry IV, Part I"

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Henry IV. I prithee,
Harry, withdraw thyself; thou bleed'st too much.
Lord John of Lancaster, go you with him.

Prince John. Not I, my lord, unless I did bleed too.



Henry V. Lead me, my lord? I do not need your help:
And God forbid a shallow scratch should drive
The Prince of Wales from such a field as this,
Where stain'd nobility lies trodden on,
and rebels' arms triumph in massacres!

Prince John. We breathe too long: come, cousin Westmoreland,
Our duty this way lies; for God's sake come.



Henry V. Come, brother John; full bravely hast thou flesh'd
Thy maiden sword.

Prince John. But, soft! whom have we here?
Did you not tell me this fat man was dead?



Falstaff. Didst thou? Lord, Lord, how this world is given to
lying! I grant you I was down and out of breath;
and so was he: but we rose both at an instant and
fought a long hour by Shrewsbury clock. If I may be
believed, so; if not, let them that should reward
valour bear the sin upon their own heads. I'll take
it upon my death, I gave him this wound in the
thigh: if the man were alive and would deny it,
'zounds, I would make him eat a piece of my sword.

Prince John. This is the strangest tale that ever I heard.



Henry V. Then, brother John of Lancaster, to you
This honourable bounty shall belong:
Go to the Douglas, and deliver him
Up to his pleasure, ransomless and free:
His valour shown upon our crests to-day
Hath taught us how to cherish such high deeds
Even in the bosom of our adversaries.

Prince John. I thank your grace for this high courtesy,
Which I shall give away immediately.

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