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Speeches (Lines) for Lennox
in "Macbeth"

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Malcolm. The worthy thane of Ross.

Lennox. What a haste looks through his eyes! So should he look
That seems to speak things strange.



Macduff. Is thy master stirring?
Our knocking has awaked him; here he comes.

Lennox. Good morrow, noble sir.



(stage directions). [Exit]

Lennox. Goes the king hence to-day?



Macbeth. He does: he did appoint so.

Lennox. The night has been unruly: where we lay,
Our chimneys were blown down; and, as they say,
Lamentings heard i' the air; strange screams of death,
And prophesying with accents terrible
Of dire combustion and confused events
New hatch'd to the woeful time: the obscure bird
Clamour'd the livelong night: some say, the earth
Was feverous and did shake.



Macbeth. 'Twas a rough night.

Lennox. My young remembrance cannot parallel
A fellow to it.



Macbeth. What is 't you say? the life?

Lennox. Mean you his majesty?



Malcolm. O, by whom?

Lennox. Those of his chamber, as it seem'd, had done 't:
Their hands and faces were an badged with blood;
So were their daggers, which unwiped we found
Upon their pillows:
They stared, and were distracted; no man's life
Was to be trusted with them.



Macbeth. Sweet remembrancer!
Now, good digestion wait on appetite,
And health on both!

Lennox. May't please your highness sit.
[The GHOST OF BANQUO enters, and sits in]
MACBETH's place]



Macbeth. The table's full.

Lennox. Here is a place reserved, sir.



Macbeth. Where?

Lennox. Here, my good lord. What is't that moves your highness?



Lady Macbeth. I pray you, speak not; he grows worse and worse;
Question enrages him. At once, good night:
Stand not upon the order of your going,
But go at once.

Lennox. Good night; and better health
Attend his majesty!



(stage directions). [Enter LENNOX and another Lord]

Lennox. My former speeches have but hit your thoughts,
Which can interpret further: only, I say,
Things have been strangely borne. The
gracious Duncan
Was pitied of Macbeth: marry, he was dead:
And the right-valiant Banquo walk'd too late;
Whom, you may say, if't please you, Fleance kill'd,
For Fleance fled: men must not walk too late.
Who cannot want the thought how monstrous
It was for Malcolm and for Donalbain
To kill their gracious father? damned fact!
How it did grieve Macbeth! did he not straight
In pious rage the two delinquents tear,
That were the slaves of drink and thralls of sleep?
Was not that nobly done? Ay, and wisely too;
For 'twould have anger'd any heart alive
To hear the men deny't. So that, I say,
He has borne all things well: and I do think
That had he Duncan's sons under his key—
As, an't please heaven, he shall not—they
should find
What 'twere to kill a father; so should Fleance.
But, peace! for from broad words and 'cause he fail'd
His presence at the tyrant's feast, I hear
Macduff lives in disgrace: sir, can you tell
Where he bestows himself?



Lord. The son of Duncan,
From whom this tyrant holds the due of birth
Lives in the English court, and is received
Of the most pious Edward with such grace
That the malevolence of fortune nothing
Takes from his high respect: thither Macduff
Is gone to pray the holy king, upon his aid
To wake Northumberland and warlike Siward:
That, by the help of these—with Him above
To ratify the work—we may again
Give to our tables meat, sleep to our nights,
Free from our feasts and banquets bloody knives,
Do faithful homage and receive free honours:
All which we pine for now: and this report
Hath so exasperate the king that he
Prepares for some attempt of war.

Lennox. Sent he to Macduff?



Lord. He did: and with an absolute 'Sir, not I,'
The cloudy messenger turns me his back,
And hums, as who should say 'You'll rue the time
That clogs me with this answer.'

Lennox. And that well might
Advise him to a caution, to hold what distance
His wisdom can provide. Some holy angel
Fly to the court of England and unfold
His message ere he come, that a swift blessing
May soon return to this our suffering country
Under a hand accursed!



(stage directions). [Enter LENNOX]

Lennox. What's your grace's will?



Macbeth. Saw you the weird sisters?

Lennox. No, my lord.



Macbeth. Came they not by you?

Lennox. No, indeed, my lord.



Macbeth. Infected be the air whereon they ride;
And damn'd all those that trust them! I did hear
The galloping of horse: who was't came by?

Lennox. 'Tis two or three, my lord, that bring you word
Macduff is fled to England.



Macbeth. Fled to England!

Lennox. Ay, my good lord.



Caithness. Who knows if Donalbain be with his brother?

Lennox. For certain, sir, he is not: I have a file
Of all the gentry: there is Siward's son,
And many unrough youths that even now
Protest their first of manhood.



Caithness. Well, march we on,
To give obedience where 'tis truly owed:
Meet we the medicine of the sickly weal,
And with him pour we in our country's purge
Each drop of us.

Lennox. Or so much as it needs,
To dew the sovereign flower and drown the weeds.
Make we our march towards Birnam.

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