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Speeches (Lines) for Sir Thomas Grey
in "Henry V"

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Earl of Cambridge. Never was monarch better fear'd and loved
Than is your majesty: there's not, I think, a subject
That sits in heart-grief and uneasiness
Under the sweet shade of your government.

Sir Thomas Grey. True: those that were your father's enemies
Have steep'd their galls in honey and do serve you
With hearts create of duty and of zeal.



Earl of Cambridge. So may your highness, and yet punish too.

Sir Thomas Grey. Sir,
You show great mercy, if you give him life,
After the taste of much correction.



Lord Scroop. So did you me, my liege.

Sir Thomas Grey. And I, my royal sovereign.



Earl of Cambridge. I do confess my fault;
And do submit me to your highness' mercy.

Sir Thomas Grey. [with Scroop] To which we all appeal.



Earl of Cambridge. For me, the gold of France did not seduce;
Although I did admit it as a motive
The sooner to effect what I intended:
But God be thanked for prevention;
Which I in sufferance heartily will rejoice,
Beseeching God and you to pardon me.

Sir Thomas Grey. Never did faithful subject more rejoice
At the discovery of most dangerous treason
Than I do at this hour joy o'er myself.
Prevented from a damned enterprise:
My fault, but not my body, pardon, sovereign.

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