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Speeches (Lines) for Frederick
in "As You Like It"

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(stage directions). CHARLES, and ATTENDANTS

Frederick. Come on; since the youth will not be entreated, his own
peril on his forwardness.



Celia. Alas, he is too young; yet he looks successfully.

Frederick. How now, daughter and cousin! Are you crept hither to
see the wrestling?



Rosalind. Ay, my liege; so please you give us leave.

Frederick. You will take little delight in it, I can tell you,
there is such odds in the man. In pity of the challenger's youth
I would fain dissuade him, but he will not be entreated. Speak to
him, ladies; see if you can move him.



Celia. Call him hither, good Monsieur Le Beau.

Frederick. Do so; I'll not be by.
[DUKE FREDERICK goes apart]



Orlando. Ready, sir; but his will hath in it a more modest working.

Frederick. You shall try but one fall.



(stage directions). [CHARLES is thrown. Shout]

Frederick. No more, no more.



Orlando. Yes, I beseech your Grace; I am not yet well breath'd.

Frederick. How dost thou, Charles?



Le Beau. He cannot speak, my lord.

Frederick. Bear him away. What is thy name, young man?



Orlando. Orlando, my liege; the youngest son of Sir Rowland de

Frederick. I would thou hadst been son to some man else.
The world esteem'd thy father honourable,
But I did find him still mine enemy.
Thou shouldst have better pleas'd me with this deed,
Hadst thou descended from another house.
But fare thee well; thou art a gallant youth;
I would thou hadst told me of another father.



Celia. With his eyes full of anger.

Frederick. Mistress, dispatch you with your safest haste,
And get you from our court.



Rosalind. Me, uncle?

Frederick. You, cousin.
Within these ten days if that thou beest found
So near our public court as twenty miles,
Thou diest for it.



Rosalind. I do beseech your Grace,
Let me the knowledge of my fault bear with me.
If with myself I hold intelligence,
Or have acquaintance with mine own desires;
If that I do not dream, or be not frantic-
As I do trust I am not- then, dear uncle,
Never so much as in a thought unborn
Did I offend your Highness.

Frederick. Thus do all traitors;
If their purgation did consist in words,
They are as innocent as grace itself.
Let it suffice thee that I trust thee not.



Rosalind. Yet your mistrust cannot make me a traitor.
Tell me whereon the likelihood depends.

Frederick. Thou art thy father's daughter; there's enough.



Celia. Dear sovereign, hear me speak.

Frederick. Ay, Celia; we stay'd her for your sake,
Else had she with her father rang'd along.



Celia. I did not then entreat to have her stay;
It was your pleasure, and your own remorse;
I was too young that time to value her,
But now I know her. If she be a traitor,
Why so am I: we still have slept together,
Rose at an instant, learn'd, play'd, eat together;
And wheresoe'er we went, like Juno's swans,
Still we went coupled and inseparable.

Frederick. She is too subtle for thee; and her smoothness,
Her very silence and her patience,
Speak to the people, and they pity her.
Thou art a fool. She robs thee of thy name;
And thou wilt show more bright and seem more virtuous
When she is gone. Then open not thy lips.
Firm and irrevocable is my doom
Which I have pass'd upon her; she is banish'd.



Celia. Pronounce that sentence, then, on me, my liege;
I cannot live out of her company.

Frederick. You are a fool. You, niece, provide yourself.
If you outstay the time, upon mine honour,
And in the greatness of my word, you die.



(stage directions). Enter DUKE FREDERICK, with LORDS

Frederick. Can it be possible that no man saw them?
It cannot be; some villains of my court
Are of consent and sufferance in this.



Second Lord. My lord, the roynish clown, at whom so oft
Your Grace was wont to laugh, is also missing.
Hisperia, the Princess' gentlewoman,
Confesses that she secretly o'erheard
Your daughter and her cousin much commend
The parts and graces of the wrestler
That did but lately foil the sinewy Charles;
And she believes, wherever they are gone,
That youth is surely in their company.

Frederick. Send to his brother; fetch that gallant hither.
If he be absent, bring his brother to me;
I'll make him find him. Do this suddenly;
And let not search and inquisition quail
To bring again these foolish runaways. Exeunt



(stage directions). Enter DUKE FREDERICK, OLIVER, and LORDS

Frederick. Not see him since! Sir, sir, that cannot be.
But were I not the better part made mercy,
I should not seek an absent argument
Of my revenge, thou present. But look to it:
Find out thy brother wheresoe'er he is;
Seek him with candle; bring him dead or living
Within this twelvemonth, or turn thou no more
To seek a living in our territory.
Thy lands and all things that thou dost call thine
Worth seizure do we seize into our hands,
Till thou canst quit thee by thy brother's mouth
Of what we think against thee.



Oliver. O that your Highness knew my heart in this!
I never lov'd my brother in my life.

Frederick. More villain thou. Well, push him out of doors;
And let my officers of such a nature
Make an extent upon his house and lands.
Do this expediently, and turn him going. Exeunt