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Speeches (Lines) for Francis
in "Henry IV, Part II"

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(stage directions). Enter FRANCIS and another DRAWER

Francis. What the devil hast thou brought there-apple-johns?
knowest Sir John cannot endure an apple-john.



Second Drawer. Mass, thou say'st true. The Prince once set a
of apple-johns before him, and told him there were five more
Johns; and, putting off his hat, said 'I will now take my
of these six dry, round, old, withered knights.' It ang'red
to the heart; but he hath forgot that.

Francis. Why, then, cover and set them down; and see if thou
find out Sneak's noise; Mistress Tearsheet would fain hear



Third Drawer. Dispatch! The room where they supp'd is too hot;
they'll come in straight.

Francis. Sirrah, here will be the Prince and Master Poins anon;
they will put on two of our jerkins and aprons; and Sir John
not know of it. Bardolph hath brought word.



(stage directions). Re-enter FRANCIS

Francis. Sir, Ancient Pistol's below and would speak with you.