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Speeches (Lines) for Sir Thomas Erpingham
in "Henry V"

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Henry V. Gloucester, 'tis true that we are in great danger;
The greater therefore should our courage be.
Good morrow, brother Bedford. God Almighty!
There is some soul of goodness in things evil,
Would men observingly distil it out.
For our bad neighbour makes us early stirrers,
Which is both healthful and good husbandry:
Besides, they are our outward consciences,
And preachers to us all, admonishing
That we should dress us fairly for our end.
Thus may we gather honey from the weed,
And make a moral of the devil himself.
Good morrow, old Sir Thomas Erpingham:
A good soft pillow for that good white head
Were better than a churlish turf of France.

Sir Thomas Erpingham. Not so, my liege: this lodging likes me better,
Since I may say 'Now lie I like a king.'



Duke of Gloucester. We shall, my liege.

Sir Thomas Erpingham. Shall I attend your grace?



Henry V. No, my good knight;
Go with my brothers to my lords of England:
I and my bosom must debate awhile,
And then I would no other company.

Sir Thomas Erpingham. The Lord in heaven bless thee, noble Harry!



(stage directions). [Enter ERPINGHAM]

Sir Thomas Erpingham. My lord, your nobles, jealous of your absence,
Seek through your camp to find you.



Henry V. Good old knight,
Collect them all together at my tent:
I'll be before thee.

Sir Thomas Erpingham. I shall do't, my lord.

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