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Speeches (Lines) for Earl of Northumberland
in "Henry IV, Part I"

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Earl of Worcester. Our house, my sovereign liege, little deserves
The scourge of greatness to be used on it;
And that same greatness too which our own hands
Have holp to make so portly.

Earl of Northumberland. My lord.—



Henry IV. Worcester, get thee gone; for I do see
Danger and disobedience in thine eye:
O, sir, your presence is too bold and peremptory,
And majesty might never yet endure
The moody frontier of a servant brow.
You have good leave to leave us: when we need
Your use and counsel, we shall send for you.
[Exit Worcester]
You were about to speak.
[To North]

Earl of Northumberland. Yea, my good lord.
Those prisoners in your highness' name demanded,
Which Harry Percy here at Holmedon took,
Were, as he says, not with such strength denied
As is deliver'd to your majesty:
Either envy, therefore, or misprison
Is guilty of this fault and not my son.



Hotspur (Henry Percy). An if the devil come and roar for them,
I will not send them: I will after straight
And tell him so; for I will ease my heart,
Albeit I make a hazard of my head.

Earl of Northumberland. What, drunk with choler? stay and pause awhile:
Here comes your uncle.



Hotspur (Henry Percy). Speak of Mortimer!
'Zounds, I will speak of him; and let my soul
Want mercy, if I do not join with him:
Yea, on his part I'll empty all these veins,
And shed my dear blood drop by drop in the dust,
But I will lift the down-trod Mortimer
As high in the air as this unthankful king,
As this ingrate and canker'd Bolingbroke.

Earl of Northumberland. Brother, the king hath made your nephew mad.



Earl of Worcester. I cannot blame him: was not he proclaim'd
By Richard that dead is the next of blood?

Earl of Northumberland. He was; I heard the proclamation:
And then it was when the unhappy king,
—Whose wrongs in us God pardon!—did set forth
Upon his Irish expedition;
From whence he intercepted did return
To be deposed and shortly murdered.



Hotspur (Henry Percy). But soft, I pray you; did King Richard then
Proclaim my brother Edmund Mortimer
Heir to the crown?

Earl of Northumberland. He did; myself did hear it.



Hotspur (Henry Percy). If he fall in, good night! or sink or swim:
Send danger from the east unto the west,
So honour cross it from the north to south,
And let them grapple: O, the blood more stirs
To rouse a lion than to start a hare!

Earl of Northumberland. Imagination of some great exploit
Drives him beyond the bounds of patience.



Earl of Worcester. Farewell, kinsman: I'll talk to you
When you are better temper'd to attend.

Earl of Northumberland. Why, what a wasp-stung and impatient fool
Art thou to break into this woman's mood,
Tying thine ear to no tongue but thine own!



Hotspur (Henry Percy). Why, look you, I am whipp'd and scourged with rods,
Nettled and stung with pismires, when I hear
Of this vile politician, Bolingbroke.
In Richard's time,—what do you call the place?—
A plague upon it, it is in Gloucestershire;
'Twas where the madcap duke his uncle kept,
His uncle York; where I first bow'd my knee
Unto this king of smiles, this Bolingbroke,—
When you and he came back from Ravenspurgh.

Earl of Northumberland. At Berkley castle.



Hotspur (Henry Percy). I smell it: upon my life, it will do well.

Earl of Northumberland. Before the game is afoot, thou still let'st slip.



Earl of Worcester. Cousin, farewell: no further go in this
Than I by letters shall direct your course.
When time is ripe, which will be suddenly,
I'll steal to Glendower and Lord Mortimer;
Where you and Douglas and our powers at once,
As I will fashion it, shall happily meet,
To bear our fortunes in our own strong arms,
Which now we hold at much uncertainty.

Earl of Northumberland. Farewell, good brother: we shall thrive, I trust.

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