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Speeches (Lines) for Sir John Colville
in "Henry IV, Part II"

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Falstaff. What's your name, sir? Of what condition are you, and
what place, I pray?

Sir John Colville. I am a knight sir; and my name is Colville of the



Falstaff. Well then, Colville is your name, a knight is your
degree, and your place the Dale. Colville shall still be your
name, a traitor your degree, and the dungeon your place—a
deep enough; so shall you be still Colville of the Dale.

Sir John Colville. Are not you Sir John Falstaff?



Falstaff. As good a man as he, sir, whoe'er I am. Do you yield,
sir, or shall I sweat for you? If I do sweat, they are the
of thy lovers, and they weep for thy death; therefore rouse
fear and trembling, and do observance to my mercy.

Sir John Colville. I think you are Sir John Falstaff, and in that
yield me.



Prince John. Is thy name Colville?

Sir John Colville. It is, my lord.



Falstaff. And a famous true subject took him.

Sir John Colville. I am, my lord, but as my betters are
That led me hither. Had they been rul'd by me,
You should have won them dearer than you have.

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