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Speeches (Lines) for Vernon
in "Henry VI, Part I"

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Earl of Suffolk. I pluck this red rose with young Somerset
And say withal I think he held the right.

Vernon. Stay, lords and gentlemen, and pluck no more,
Till you conclude that he upon whose side
The fewest roses are cropp'd from the tree
Shall yield the other in the right opinion.



Richard Plantagenet (Duke of Gloucester). And I.

Vernon. Then for the truth and plainness of the case.
I pluck this pale and maiden blossom here,
Giving my verdict on the white rose side.



Duke/Earl of Somerset. Prick not your finger as you pluck it off,
Lest bleeding you do paint the white rose red
And fall on my side so, against your will.

Vernon. If I my lord, for my opinion bleed,
Opinion shall be surgeon to my hurt
And keep me on the side where still I am.



Richard Plantagenet (Duke of Gloucester). Good Master Vernon, I am bound to you,
That you on my behalf would pluck a flower.

Vernon. In your behalf still will I wear the same.



(stage directions). [Sennet. Flourish. Exeunt all but VERNON and BASSET]

Vernon. Now, sir, to you, that were so hot at sea,
Disgracing of these colours that I wear
In honour of my noble Lord of York:
Darest thou maintain the former words thou spakest?



Basset. Yes, sir; as well as you dare patronage
The envious barking of your saucy tongue
Against my lord the Duke of Somerset.

Vernon. Sirrah, thy lord I honour as he is.



Basset. Why, what is he? as good a man as York.

Vernon. Hark ye; not so: in witness, take ye that.



Basset. Villain, thou know'st the law of arms is such
That whoso draws a sword, 'tis present death,
Or else this blow should broach thy dearest blood.
But I'll unto his majesty, and crave
I may have liberty to venge this wrong;
When thou shalt see I'll meet thee to thy cost.

Vernon. Well, miscreant, I'll be there as soon as you;
And, after, meet you sooner than you would.



(stage directions). [Enter VERNON and BASSET]

Vernon. Grant me the combat, gracious sovereign.



Henry VI. Be patient, lords; and give them leave to speak.
Say, gentlemen, what makes you thus exclaim?
And wherefore crave you combat? or with whom?

Vernon. With him, my lord; for he hath done me wrong.



Basset. Crossing the sea from England into France,
This fellow here, with envious carping tongue,
Upbraided me about the rose I wear;
Saying, the sanguine colour of the leaves
Did represent my master's blushing cheeks,
When stubbornly he did repugn the truth
About a certain question in the law
Argued betwixt the Duke of York and him;
With other vile and ignominious terms:
In confutation of which rude reproach
And in defence of my lord's worthiness,
I crave the benefit of law of arms.

Vernon. And that is my petition, noble lord:
For though he seem with forged quaint conceit
To set a gloss upon his bold intent,
Yet know, my lord, I was provoked by him;
And he first took exceptions at this badge,
Pronouncing that the paleness of this flower
Bewray'd the faintness of my master's heart.



Richard Plantagenet (Duke of Gloucester). There is my pledge; accept it, Somerset.

Vernon. Nay, let it rest where it began at first.

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