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Speeches (Lines) for Tyrian Sailor
in "Pericles"

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(stage directions). pavilion on deck, with a curtain before it; PERICLES
within it, reclined on a couch. A barge lying
beside the Tyrian vessel.
[Enter two Sailors, one belonging to the Tyrian]
vessel, the other to the barge; to them HELICANUS]

Tyrian Sailor. [To the Sailor of Mytilene] Where is lord Helicanus?
he can resolve you.
O, here he is.
Sir, there's a barge put off from Mytilene,
And in it is Lysimachus the governor,
Who craves to come aboard. What is your will?



Helicanus. That he have his. Call up some gentlemen.

Tyrian Sailor. Ho, gentlemen! my lord calls.



Helicanus. Gentlemen, there's some of worth would come aboard;
I pray ye, greet them fairly.
[The Gentlemen and the two Sailors descend, and go]
on board the barge]
[Enter, from thence, LYSIMACHUS and Lords; with the]
Gentlemen and the two Sailors]

Tyrian Sailor. Sir,
This is the man that can, in aught you would,
Resolve you.

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