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Speeches (Lines) for Duke/Earl of Somerset
in "Henry VI, Part III"

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George Plantagenet (Duke of Clarence). Alas, you know, 'tis far from hence to France;
How could he stay till Warwick made return?

Duke/Earl of Somerset. My lords, forbear this talk; here comes the king.



Second Watchman. Stay, or thou diest!
[WARWICK and the rest cry all, 'Warwick! Warwick!']
and set upon the Guard, who fly, crying, 'Arm!
arm!' WARWICK and the rest following them]
[The drum playing and trumpet sounding, reenter]
WARWICK, SOMERSET, and the rest, bringing KING
EDWARD IV out in his gown, sitting in a chair.
RICHARD and HASTINGS fly over the stage]

Duke/Earl of Somerset. What are they that fly there?



Henry VI. My Lord of Somerset, what youth is that,
Of whom you seem to have so tender care?

Duke/Earl of Somerset. My liege, it is young Henry, earl of Richmond.



(stage directions). [Exeunt all but SOMERSET, HENRY OF RICHMOND, and OXFORD]

Duke/Earl of Somerset. My lord, I like not of this flight of Edward's;
For doubtless Burgundy will yield him help,
And we shall have more wars before 't be long.
As Henry's late presaging prophecy
Did glad my heart with hope of this young Richmond,
So doth my heart misgive me, in these conflicts
What may befall him, to his harm and ours:
Therefore, Lord Oxford, to prevent the worst,
Forthwith we'll send him hence to Brittany,
Till storms be past of civil enmity.



Earl Oxford. Ay, for if Edward repossess the crown,
'Tis like that Richmond with the rest shall down.

Duke/Earl of Somerset. It shall be so; he shall to Brittany.
Come, therefore, let's about it speedily.



Earl of Warwick. Say, Somerville, what says my loving son?
And, by thy guess, how nigh is Clarence now?

Duke/Earl of Somerset. At Southam I did leave him with his forces,
And do expect him here some two hours hence.



Earl of Warwick. Then Clarence is at hand, I hear his drum.

Duke/Earl of Somerset. It is not his, my lord; here Southam lies:
The drum your honour hears marcheth from Warwick.



Earl of Warwick. Who should that be? belike, unlook'd-for friends.

Duke/Earl of Somerset. They are at hand, and you shall quickly know.
[March: flourish. Enter KING EDWARD IV, GLOUCESTER,]
and soldiers]



(stage directions). [Enter SOMERSET, with drum and colours]

Duke/Earl of Somerset. Somerset, Somerset, for Lancaster!



(stage directions). [Enter OXFORD and SOMERSET]

Duke/Earl of Somerset. Ah, Warwick, Warwick! wert thou as we are.
We might recover all our loss again;
The queen from France hath brought a puissant power:
Even now we heard the news: ah, could'st thou fly!



Earl of Warwick. Why, then I would not fly. Ah, Montague,
If thou be there, sweet brother, take my hand.
And with thy lips keep in my soul awhile!
Thou lovest me not; for, brother, if thou didst,
Thy tears would wash this cold congealed blood
That glues my lips and will not let me speak.
Come quickly, Montague, or I am dead.

Duke/Earl of Somerset. Ah, Warwick! Montague hath breathed his last;
And to the latest gasp cried out for Warwick,
And said 'Commend me to my valiant brother.'
And more he would have said, and more he spoke,
Which sounded like a clamour in a vault,
That mought not be distinguished; but at last
I well might hear, delivered with a groan,
'O, farewell, Warwick!'



Earl Oxford. Women and children of so high a courage,
And warriors faint! why, 'twere perpetual shame.
O brave young prince! thy famous grandfather
Doth live again in thee: long mayst thou live
To bear his image and renew his glories!

Duke/Earl of Somerset. And he that will not fight for such a hope.
Go home to bed, and like the owl by day,
If he arise, be mock'd and wonder'd at.



Earl Oxford. I thought no less: it is his policy
To haste thus fast, to find us unprovided.

Duke/Earl of Somerset. But he's deceived; we are in readiness.



Earl Oxford. For my part, I'll not trouble thee with words.

Duke/Earl of Somerset. Nor I, but stoop with patience to my fortune.

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