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Speeches (Lines) for Sir John Stanley
in "Henry VI, Part II"

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Duke of Gloucester. Must you, Sir John, protect my lady here?

Sir John Stanley. So am I given in charge, may't please your grace.



Eleanor. Art thou gone too? all comfort go with thee!
For none abides with me: my joy is death;
Death, at whose name I oft have been afear'd,
Because I wish'd this world's eternity.
Stanley, I prithee, go, and take me hence;
I care not whither, for I beg no favour,
Only convey me where thou art commanded.

Sir John Stanley. Why, madam, that is to the Isle of Man;
There to be used according to your state.



Eleanor. That's bad enough, for I am but reproach:
And shall I then be used reproachfully?

Sir John Stanley. Like to a duchess, and Duke Humphrey's lady;
According to that state you shall be used.



Eleanor. Ay, ay, farewell; thy office is discharged.
Come, Stanley, shall we go?

Sir John Stanley. Madam, your penance done, throw off this sheet,
And go we to attire you for our journey.

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