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Speeches (Lines) for Servant
in "Measure for Measure"

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(stage directions). [Enter Provost and a Servant]

Servant. He's hearing of a cause; he will come straight
I'll tell him of you.



(stage directions). [Re-enter Servant]

Servant. Here is the sister of the man condemn'd
Desires access to you.



Angelo. When I would pray and think, I think and pray
To several subjects. Heaven hath my empty words;
Whilst my invention, hearing not my tongue,
Anchors on Isabel: Heaven in my mouth,
As if I did but only chew his name;
And in my heart the strong and swelling evil
Of my conception. The state, whereon I studied
Is like a good thing, being often read,
Grown fear'd and tedious; yea, my gravity,
Wherein—let no man hear me—I take pride,
Could I with boot change for an idle plume,
Which the air beats for vain. O place, O form,
How often dost thou with thy case, thy habit,
Wrench awe from fools and tie the wiser souls
To thy false seeming! Blood, thou art blood:
Let's write good angel on the devil's horn:
'Tis not the devil's crest.
[Enter a Servant]
How now! who's there?

Servant. One Isabel, a sister, desires access to you.

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