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Speeches (Lines) for Second Petitioner
in "Henry VI, Part II"

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First Petitioner. My masters, let's stand close: my lord protector
will come this way by and by, and then we may deliver
our supplications in the quill.

Second Petitioner. Marry, the Lord protect him, for he's a good man!
Jesu bless him!



Peter. Here a' comes, methinks, and the queen with him.
I'll be the first, sure.

Second Petitioner. Come back, fool; this is the Duke of Suffolk, and
not my lord protector.



Earl of Suffolk. Thy wife, too! that's some wrong, indeed. What's
yours? What's here!
'Against the Duke of Suffolk, for enclosing the
commons of Melford.' How now, sir knave!

Second Petitioner. Alas, sir, I am but a poor petitioner of our whole township.