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(stage directions). [Enter a second Messenger]

Second Messenger. You are sent for to the senate:
A fearful army, led by Caius CORIOLANUS
Associated with Aufidius, rages
Upon our territories; and have already
O'erborne their way, consumed with fire, and took
What lay before them.



Sicinius Velutus. What's the news?

Second Messenger. Good news, good news; the ladies have prevail'd,
The Volscians are dislodged, and CORIOLANUS gone:
A merrier day did never yet greet Rome,
No, not the expulsion of the Tarquins.



Sicinius Velutus. Friend,
Art thou certain this is true? is it most certain?

Second Messenger. As certain as I know the sun is fire:
Where have you lurk'd, that you make doubt of it?
Ne'er through an arch so hurried the blown tide,
As the recomforted through the gates. Why, hark you!
[Trumpets; hautboys; drums beat; all together]
The trumpets, sackbuts, psalteries and fifes,
Tabours and cymbals and the shouting Romans,
Make the sun dance. Hark you!



Sicinius Velutus. First, the gods bless you for your tidings; next,
Accept my thankfulness.

Second Messenger. Sir, we have all
Great cause to give great thanks.



Sicinius Velutus. They are near the city?

Second Messenger. Almost at point to enter.

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