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Speeches (Lines) for Second Merchant
in "Comedy of Errors"

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(stage directions). [Enter Second Merchant, ANGELO, and an Officer]

Second Merchant. You know since Pentecost the sum is due,
And since I have not much importuned you;
Nor now I had not, but that I am bound
To Persia, and want guilders for my voyage:
Therefore make present satisfaction,
Or I'll attach you by this officer.



Antipholus of Ephesus. Good Lord! you use this dalliance to excuse
Your breach of promise to the Porpentine.
I should have chid you for not bringing it,
But, like a shrew, you first begin to brawl.

Second Merchant. The hour steals on; I pray you, sir, dispatch.



Antipholus of Ephesus. Fie, now you run this humour out of breath,
where's the chain? I pray you, let me see it.

Second Merchant. My business cannot brook this dalliance.
Good sir, say whether you'll answer me or no:
If not, I'll leave him to the officer.



Angelo. You wrong me more, sir, in denying it:
Consider how it stands upon my credit.

Second Merchant. Well, officer, arrest him at my suit.



Angelo. I am sorry, sir, that I have hinder'd you;
But, I protest, he had the chain of me,
Though most dishonestly he doth deny it.

Second Merchant. How is the man esteemed here in the city?



Angelo. Of very reverend reputation, sir,
Of credit infinite, highly beloved,
Second to none that lives here in the city:
His word might bear my wealth at any time.

Second Merchant. Speak softly; yonder, as I think, he walks.



Antipholus of Syracuse. I think I had; I never did deny it.

Second Merchant. Yes, that you did, sir, and forswore it too.



Antipholus of Syracuse. Who heard me to deny it or forswear it?

Second Merchant. These ears of mine, thou know'st did hear thee.
Fie on thee, wretch! 'tis pity that thou livest
To walk where any honest man resort.



Antipholus of Syracuse. Thou art a villain to impeach me thus:
I'll prove mine honour and mine honesty
Against thee presently, if thou darest stand.

Second Merchant. I dare, and do defy thee for a villain.



Angelo. I knew he was not in his perfect wits.

Second Merchant. I am sorry now that I did draw on him.



Adriana. Come, go: I will fall prostrate at his feet
And never rise until my tears and prayers
Have won his grace to come in person hither
And take perforce my husband from the abbess.

Second Merchant. By this, I think, the dial points at five:
Anon, I'm sure, the duke himself in person
Comes this way to the melancholy vale,
The place of death and sorry execution,
Behind the ditches of the abbey here.



Angelo. Upon what cause?

Second Merchant. To see a reverend Syracusian merchant,
Who put unluckily into this bay
Against the laws and statutes of this town,
Beheaded publicly for his offence.



Angelo. He had, my lord: and when he ran in here,
These people saw the chain about his neck.

Second Merchant. Besides, I will be sworn these ears of mine
Heard you confess you had the chain of him
After you first forswore it on the mart:
And thereupon I drew my sword on you;
And then you fled into this abbey here,
From whence, I think, you are come by miracle.