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Speeches (Lines) for Second Lord
in "Pericles"

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First Lord. Joy and all comfort in your sacred breast!

Second Lord. And keep your mind, till you return to us,
Peaceful and comfortable!



First Lord. He had need mean better than his outward show
Can any way speak in his just commend;
For by his rusty outside he appears
To have practised more the whipstock than the lance.

Second Lord. He well may be a stranger, for he comes
To an honour'd triumph strangely furnished.



First Lord. See, not a man in private conference
Or council has respect with him but he.

Second Lord. It shall no longer grieve without reproof.



First Lord. Wrong not yourself, then, noble Helicane;
But if the prince do live, let us salute him,
Or know what ground's made happy by his breath.
If in the world he live, we'll seek him out;
If in his grave he rest, we'll find him there;
And be resolved he lives to govern us,
Or dead, give's cause to mourn his funeral,
And leave us to our free election.

Second Lord. Whose death indeed's the strongest in our censure:
And knowing this kingdom is without a head,—
Like goodly buildings left without a roof
Soon fall to ruin,—your noble self,
That best know how to rule and how to reign,
We thus submit unto,—our sovereign.

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