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Speeches (Lines) for Peter
in "Henry VI, Part II"

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(stage directions). [Enter SUFFOLK and QUEEN MARGARET]

Peter. Here a' comes, methinks, and the queen with him.
I'll be the first, sure.



Second Petitioner. Alas, sir, I am but a poor petitioner of our whole township.

Peter. [Giving his petition] Against my master, Thomas
Horner, for saying that the Duke of York was rightful
heir to the crown.



Queen Margaret. What sayst thou? did the Duke of York say he was
rightful heir to the crown?

Peter. That my master was? no, forsooth: my master said
that he was, and that the king was an usurper.



Thomas Horner. An't shall please your majesty, I never said nor
thought any such matter: God is my witness, I am
falsely accused by the villain.

Peter. By these ten bones, my lords, he did speak them to
me in the garret one night, as we were scouring my
Lord of York's armour.



Thomas Horner. And I accept the combat willingly.

Peter. Alas, my lord, I cannot fight; for God's sake, pity
my case. The spite of man prevaileth against me. O
Lord, have mercy upon me! I shall never be able to
fight a blow. O Lord, my heart!



Thomas Horner. Let it come, i' faith, and I'll pledge you all; and
a fig for Peter!
for credit of the 'prentices.

Peter. I thank you all: drink, and pray for me, I pray
you; for I think I have taken my last draught in
this world. Here, Robin, an if I die, I give thee
my apron: and, Will, thou shalt have my hammer:
and here, Tom, take all the money that I have. O
Lord bless me! I pray God! for I am never able to
deal with my master, he hath learnt me so much fence already.



Earl of Salisbury. Come, leave your drinking, and fall to blows.
Sirrah, what's thy name?

Peter. Peter, forsooth.



Earl of Salisbury. Peter! what more?

Peter. Thump.



Richard Plantagenet (Duke of Gloucester). Take away his weapon. Fellow, thank God, and the
good wine in thy master's way.

Peter. O God, have I overcome mine enemy in this presence?
O Peter, thou hast prevailed in right!

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