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Speeches (Lines) for Marquis of Dorset
in "Richard III"

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Lord (Earl) Rivers. Tyrants themselves wept when it was reported.

Marquis of Dorset. No man but prophesied revenge for it.



Queen Margaret. To serve me well, you all should do me duty,
Teach me to be your queen, and you my subjects:
O, serve me well, and teach yourselves that duty!

Marquis of Dorset. Dispute not with her; she is lunatic.



Richard III (Duke of Gloucester). Good counsel, marry: learn it, learn it, marquess.

Marquis of Dorset. It toucheth you, my lord, as much as me.



King Edward IV (Plantagenet). Dorset, embrace him; Hastings, love lord marquess.

Marquis of Dorset. This interchange of love, I here protest,
Upon my part shall be unviolable.



Duke of Buckingham. Look I so pale, Lord Dorset, as the rest?

Marquis of Dorset. Ay, my good lord; and no one in this presence
But his red colour hath forsook his cheeks.



(stage directions). [Enter DERBY]

Marquis of Dorset. A boon, my sovereign, for my service done!



King Edward IV (Plantagenet). I pray thee, peace: my soul is full of sorrow.

Marquis of Dorset. I will not rise, unless your highness grant.



King Edward IV (Plantagenet). Then speak at once what is it thou demand'st.

Marquis of Dorset. The forfeit, sovereign, of my servant's life;
Who slew to-day a righteous gentleman
Lately attendant on the Duke of Norfolk.



Duchess of York. Was never mother had so dear a loss!
Alas, I am the mother of these moans!
Their woes are parcell'd, mine are general.
She for an Edward weeps, and so do I;
I for a Clarence weep, so doth not she:
These babes for Clarence weep and so do I;
I for an Edward weep, so do not they:
Alas, you three, on me, threefold distress'd,
Pour all your tears! I am your sorrow's nurse,
And I will pamper it with lamentations.

Marquis of Dorset. Comfort, dear mother: God is much displeased
That you take with unthankfulness, his doing:
In common worldly things, 'tis call'd ungrateful,
With dull unwilligness to repay a debt
Which with a bounteous hand was kindly lent;
Much more to be thus opposite with heaven,
For it requires the royal debt it lent you.



Lady Anne. Despiteful tidings! O unpleasing news!

Marquis of Dorset. Be of good cheer: mother, how fares your grace?