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Speeches (Lines) for Ligarius
in "Julius Caesar"

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Brutus. Caius Ligarius, that Metellus spake of.
Boy, stand aside. Caius Ligarius! how?

Ligarius. Vouchsafe good morrow from a feeble tongue.



Brutus. O, what a time have you chose out, brave Caius,
To wear a kerchief! Would you were not sick!

Ligarius. I am not sick, if Brutus have in hand
Any exploit worthy the name of honour.



Brutus. Such an exploit have I in hand, Ligarius,
Had you a healthful ear to hear of it.

Ligarius. By all the gods that Romans bow before,
I here discard my sickness! Soul of Rome!
Brave son, derived from honourable loins!
Thou, like an exorcist, hast conjured up
My mortified spirit. Now bid me run,
And I will strive with things impossible;
Yea, get the better of them. What's to do?



Brutus. A piece of work that will make sick men whole.

Ligarius. But are not some whole that we must make sick?



Brutus. That must we also. What it is, my Caius,
I shall unfold to thee, as we are going
To whom it must be done.

Ligarius. Set on your foot,
And with a heart new-fired I follow you,
To do I know not what: but it sufficeth
That Brutus leads me on.