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Speeches (Lines) for Froth
in "Measure for Measure"

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Pompey. No, indeed, sir, not of a pin; you are therein in
the right: but to the point. As I say, this
Mistress Elbow, being, as I say, with child, and
being great-bellied, and longing, as I said, for
prunes; and having but two in the dish, as I said,
Master Froth here, this very man, having eaten the
rest, as I said, and, as I say, paying for them very
honestly; for, as you know, Master Froth, I could
not give you three-pence again.

Froth. No, indeed.



Pompey. Very well: you being then, if you be remembered,
cracking the stones of the foresaid prunes,—

Froth. Ay, so I did indeed.



Pompey. Why, very well; I telling you then, if you be
remembered, that such a one and such a one were past
cure of the thing you wot of, unless they kept very
good diet, as I told you,—

Froth. All this is true.



Pompey. Sir, but you shall come to it, by your honour's
leave. And, I beseech you, look into Master Froth
here, sir; a man of four-score pound a year; whose
father died at Hallowmas: was't not at Hallowmas,
Master Froth?

Froth. All-hallond eve.



Pompey. Why, very well; I hope here be truths. He, sir,
sitting, as I say, in a lower chair, sir; 'twas in
the Bunch of Grapes, where indeed you have a delight
to sit, have you not?

Froth. I have so; because it is an open room and good for winter.



Escalus. Where were you born, friend?

Froth. Here in Vienna, sir.



Escalus. Are you of fourscore pounds a year?

Froth. Yes, an't please you, sir.



Escalus. Nine! Come hither to me, Master Froth. Master
Froth, I would not have you acquainted with
tapsters: they will draw you, Master Froth, and you
will hang them. Get you gone, and let me hear no
more of you.

Froth. I thank your worship. For mine own part, I never
come into any room in a tap-house, but I am drawn

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