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Speeches (Lines) for First Sailor
in "Pericles"

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(stage directions). [Enter two Sailors]

First Sailor. What courage, sir? God save you!



Pericles. Courage enough: I do not fear the flaw;
It hath done to me the worst. Yet, for the love
Of this poor infant, this fresh-new sea-farer,
I would it would be quiet.

First Sailor. Slack the bolins there! Thou wilt not, wilt thou?
Blow, and split thyself.



Second Sailor. But sea-room, an the brine and cloudy billow kiss
the moon, I care not.

First Sailor. Sir, your queen must overboard: the sea works high,
the wind is loud, and will not lie till the ship be
cleared of the dead.



Pericles. That's your superstition.

First Sailor. Pardon us, sir; with us at sea it hath been still
observed: and we are strong in custom. Therefore
briefly yield her; for she must overboard straight.