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Speeches (Lines) for First Gentleman
in "Pericles"

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(stage directions). [Enter two Gentlemen]

First Gentleman. Good morrow.



Cerimon. Gentlemen,
Why do you stir so early?

First Gentleman. Sir,
Our lodgings, standing bleak upon the sea,
Shook as the earth did quake;
The very principals did seem to rend,
And all-to topple: pure surprise and fear
Made me to quit the house.



Cerimon. O, you say well.

First Gentleman. But I much marvel that your lordship, having
Rich tire about you, should at these early hours
Shake off the golden slumber of repose.
'Tis most strange,
Nature should be so conversant with pain,
Being thereto not compell'd.



Cerimon. As ever hit my nostril. So, up with it.
O you most potent gods! what's here? a corse!

First Gentleman. Most strange!



Cerimon. Nay, certainly to-night;
For look how fresh she looks! They were too rough
That threw her in the sea. Make a fire within:
Fetch hither all my boxes in my closet.
[Exit a Servant]
Death may usurp on nature many hours,
And yet the fire of life kindle again
The o'erpress'd spirits. I heard of an Egyptian
That had nine hours lien dead,
Who was by good appliance recovered.
[Re-enter a Servant, with boxes, napkins, and fire]
Well said, well said; the fire and cloths.
The rough and woeful music that we have,
Cause it to sound, beseech you.
The viol once more: how thou stirr'st, thou block!
The music there!—I pray you, give her air.
This queen will live: nature awakes; a warmth
Breathes out of her: she hath not been entranced
Above five hours: see how she gins to blow
Into life's flower again!

First Gentleman. The heavens,
Through you, increase our wonder and set up
Your fame forever.



Second Gentleman. Is not this strange?

First Gentleman. Most rare.



(stage directions). [Enter, from the brothel, two Gentlemen]

First Gentleman. Did you ever hear the like?



Second Gentleman. No, nor never shall do in such a place as this, she
being once gone.

First Gentleman. But to have divinity preached there! did you ever
dream of such a thing?



Second Gentleman. No, no. Come, I am for no more bawdy-houses:
shall's go hear the vestals sing?

First Gentleman. I'll do any thing now that is virtuous; but I
am out of the road of rutting for ever.



(stage directions). [Enter two or three Gentlemen]

First Gentleman. Doth your lordship call?