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Speeches (Lines) for First Bandit
in "Timon of Athens"

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(stage directions). [Enter Banditti]

First Bandit. Where should he have this gold? It is some poor
fragment, some slender sort of his remainder: the
mere want of gold, and the falling-from of his
friends, drove him into this melancholy.



Second Bandit. True; for he bears it not about him, 'tis hid.

First Bandit. Is not this he?



Timon. Your greatest want is, you want much of meat.
Why should you want? Behold, the earth hath roots;
Within this mile break forth a hundred springs;
The oaks bear mast, the briers scarlet hips;
The bounteous housewife, nature, on each bush
Lays her full mess before you. Want! why want?

First Bandit. We cannot live on grass, on berries, water,
As beasts and birds and fishes.



Third Bandit. Has almost charmed me from my profession, by
persuading me to it.

First Bandit. 'Tis in the malice of mankind that he thus advises
us; not to have us thrive in our mystery.



Second Bandit. I'll believe him as an enemy, and give over my trade.

First Bandit. Let us first see peace in Athens: there is no time
so miserable but a man may be true.