Speeches (Lines) for First Attendant
in "Antony and Cleopatra"

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Antony. From Sicyon, ho, the news! Speak there!

First Attendant. The man from Sicyon,—is there such an one?



Antony. To let a fellow that will take rewards
And say 'God quit you!' be familiar with
My playfellow, your hand; this kingly seal
And plighter of high hearts! O, that I were
Upon the hill of Basan, to outroar
The horned herd! for I have savage cause;
And to proclaim it civilly, were like
A halter'd neck which does the hangman thank
For being yare about him.
[Re-enter Attendants with THYREUS]
Is he whipp'd?

First Attendant. Soundly, my lord.



Antony. Cried he? and begg'd a' pardon?

First Attendant. He did ask favour.

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