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Speeches (Lines) for Euphronius
in "Antony and Cleopatra"

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Octavius. Approach, and speak.

Euphronius. Such as I am, I come from Antony:
I was of late as petty to his ends
As is the morn-dew on the myrtle-leaf
To his grand sea.



Octavius. Be't so: declare thine office.

Euphronius. Lord of his fortunes he salutes thee, and
Requires to live in Egypt: which not granted,
He lessens his requests; and to thee sues
To let him breathe between the heavens and earth,
A private man in Athens: this for him.
Next, Cleopatra does confess thy greatness;
Submits her to thy might; and of thee craves
The circle of the Ptolemies for her heirs,
Now hazarded to thy grace.



Octavius. For Antony,
I have no ears to his request. The queen
Of audience nor desire shall fail, so she
From Egypt drive her all-disgraced friend,
Or take his life there: this if she perform,
She shall not sue unheard. So to them both.

Euphronius. Fortune pursue thee!



Antony. Is that his answer?

Euphronius. Ay, my lord.



Antony. The queen shall then have courtesy, so she
Will yield us up.

Euphronius. He says so.