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Speeches (Lines) for Captain
in "Henry VI, Part I"

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Lord Talbot/Earl of Shrewsbury. Well then, alone, since there's no remedy,
I mean to prove this lady's courtesy.
Come hither, captain.
You perceive my mind?

Captain. I do, my lord, and mean accordingly.



Lord Talbot/Earl of Shrewsbury. Undaunted spirit in a dying breast!
Then be it so: heavens keep old Bedford safe!
And now no more ado, brave Burgundy,
But gather we our forces out of hand
And set upon our boasting enemy.
[Exeunt all but BEDFORD and Attendants]
[An alarum: excursions. Enter FASTOLFE and]
a Captain]

Captain. Whither away, Sir John Fastolfe, in such haste?



Sir John Fastolfe. Whither away! to save myself by flight:
We are like to have the overthrow again.

Captain. What! will you fly, and leave Lord Talbot?



(stage directions). [Exit]

Captain. Cowardly knight! ill fortune follow thee!
[Retreat: excursions. JOAN LA PUCELLE, ALENCON,]
and CHARLES fly]



Duke/Earl of Somerset. It is too late; I cannot send them now:
This expedition was by York and Talbot
Too rashly plotted: all our general force
Might with a sally of the very town
Be buckled with: the over-daring Talbot
Hath sullied all his gloss of former honour
By this unheedful, desperate, wild adventure:
York set him on to fight and die in shame,
That, Talbot dead, great York might bear the name.

Captain. Here is Sir William Lucy, who with me
Set from our o'ermatch'd forces forth for aid.

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