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Speeches (Lines) for Balthazar
in "Comedy of Errors"

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Antipholus of Ephesus. You're sad, Signior Balthazar: pray God our cheer
May answer my good will and your good welcome here.

Balthazar. I hold your dainties cheap, sir, and your
welcome dear.



Antipholus of Ephesus. O, Signior Balthazar, either at flesh or fish,
A table full of welcome make scarce one dainty dish.

Balthazar. Good meat, sir, is common; that every churl affords.



Antipholus of Ephesus. And welcome more common; for that's nothing but words.

Balthazar. Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast.



Angelo. Here is neither cheer, sir, nor welcome: we would
fain have either.

Balthazar. In debating which was best, we shall part with neither.



Antipholus of Ephesus. Go get thee gone; fetch me an iron crow.

Balthazar. Have patience, sir; O, let it not be so!
Herein you war against your reputation
And draw within the compass of suspect
The unviolated honour of your wife.
Once this,—your long experience of her wisdom,
Her sober virtue, years and modesty,
Plead on her part some cause to you unknown:
And doubt not, sir, but she will well excuse
Why at this time the doors are made against you.
Be ruled by me: depart in patience,
And let us to the Tiger all to dinner,
And about evening come yourself alone
To know the reason of this strange restraint.
If by strong hand you offer to break in
Now in the stirring passage of the day,
A vulgar comment will be made of it,
And that supposed by the common rout
Against your yet ungalled estimation
That may with foul intrusion enter in
And dwell upon your grave when you are dead;
For slander lives upon succession,
For ever housed where it gets possession.

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