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Speeches (Lines) for First Watchman
in "Much Ado about Nothing"

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Dogberry. First, who think you the most desertless man to be

First Watchman. Hugh Otecake, sir, or George Seacole; for they can
write and read.



Borachio. Two of them did, the prince and Claudio; but the
devil my master knew she was Margaret; and partly
by his oaths, which first possessed them, partly by
the dark night, which did deceive them, but chiefly
by my villany, which did confirm any slander that
Don John had made, away went Claudio enraged; swore
he would meet her, as he was appointed, next morning
at the temple, and there, before the whole
congregation, shame her with what he saw o'er night
and send her home again without a husband.

First Watchman. We charge you, in the prince's name, stand!



Second Watchman. Call up the right master constable. We have here
recovered the most dangerous piece of lechery that
ever was known in the commonwealth.

First Watchman. And one Deformed is one of them: I know him; a'
wears a lock.



Conrade. Masters,—

First Watchman. Never speak: we charge you let us obey you to go with us.



Dogberry. Yea, marry, that's the eftest way. Let the watch
come forth. Masters, I charge you, in the prince's
name, accuse these men.

First Watchman. This man said, sir, that Don John, the prince's
brother, was a villain.



Sexton. What else, fellow?

First Watchman. And that Count Claudio did mean, upon his words, to
disgrace Hero before the whole assembly. and not marry her.