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Speeches (Lines) for First Serving-Man
in "Henry VI, Part I"

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First Warder. [Within] Who's there that knocks so imperiously?

First Serving-Man. It is the noble Duke of Gloucester.



Second Warder. [Within] Whoe'er he be, you may not be let in.

First Serving-Man. Villains, answer you so the lord protector?



Henry VI. We charge you, on allegiance to ourself,
To hold your slaughtering hands and keep the peace.
Pray, uncle Gloucester, mitigate this strife.

First Serving-Man. Nay, if we be forbidden stones,
We'll fall to it with our teeth.



Third Serving-Man. My lord, we know your grace to be a man
Just and upright; and, for your royal birth,
Inferior to none but to his majesty:
And ere that we will suffer such a prince,
So kind a father of the commonweal,
To be disgraced by an inkhorn mate,
We and our wives and children all will fight
And have our bodies slaughtered by thy foes.

First Serving-Man. Ay, and the very parings of our nails
Shall pitch a field when we are dead.



Henry VI. O, loving uncle, kind Duke of Gloucester,
How joyful am I made by this contract!
Away, my masters! trouble us no more;
But join in friendship, as your lords have done.

First Serving-Man. Content: I'll to the surgeon's.

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