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Speeches (Lines) for First Senator
in "Othello"

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Duke of Venice. There is no composition in these news
That gives them credit.

First Senator. Indeed, they are disproportion'd;
My letters say a hundred and seven galleys.



Duke of Venice. How say you by this change?

First Senator. This cannot be,
By no assay of reason: 'tis a pageant,
To keep us in false gaze. When we consider
The importancy of Cyprus to the Turk,
And let ourselves again but understand,
That as it more concerns the Turk than Rhodes,
So may he with more facile question bear it,
For that it stands not in such warlike brace,
But altogether lacks the abilities
That Rhodes is dress'd in: if we make thought of this,
We must not think the Turk is so unskilful
To leave that latest which concerns him first,
Neglecting an attempt of ease and gain,
To wake and wage a danger profitless.



Messenger. The Ottomites, reverend and gracious,
Steering with due course towards the isle of Rhodes,
Have there injointed them with an after fleet.

First Senator. Ay, so I thought. How many, as you guess?



Duke of Venice. 'Tis certain, then, for Cyprus.
Marcus Luccicos, is not he in town?

First Senator. He's now in Florence.



Duke of Venice. Write from us to him; post-post-haste dispatch.

First Senator. Here comes Brabantio and the valiant Moor.



Duke of Venice. To vouch this, is no proof,
Without more wider and more overt test
Than these thin habits and poor likelihoods
Of modern seeming do prefer against him.

First Senator. But, Othello, speak:
Did you by indirect and forced courses
Subdue and poison this young maid's affections?
Or came it by request and such fair question
As soul to soul affordeth?



Duke of Venice. Be it as you shall privately determine,
Either for her stay or going: the affair cries haste,
And speed must answer it.

First Senator. You must away to-night.



Duke of Venice. Let it be so.
Good night to every one.
And, noble signior,
If virtue no delighted beauty lack,
Your son-in-law is far more fair than black.

First Senator. Adieu, brave Moor, use Desdemona well.

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