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To my brother Marines with whom I served in the Middle East,
Semper fidelis.

To my brother Marines who have passed from this world,
Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine; 
et lux perpetuam luceat eis.

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First, I would like to thank Professor William Miller, Dr. Robert Matz, and Dr. Roger Lathbury for serving on my thesis committee and providing me with valuable suggestions and guidance, particularly about the scope and depth of the different sections. Dr. Annalisa Castaldo and Steven Riddle contributed additional comments that markedly improved the final version of this paper.

Also, I owe a debt to the many people who have e-mailed me to point out errors both textual and technical, to suggest improvements, or simply to let me know that they found the site useful. This feedback — from thespians, scholars, teachers, and general readers — has encouraged me to continue Open Source Shakespeare not just as a thesis project and a labor of love, but as a public service.

Last and certainly not least, I thank my wife for allowing this project to take time away from other domestic tasks. I could not have completed this without her full and loving support.