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Antony and Cleopatra

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Act III, Scene 5

The same. Another room.


[Enter DOMITIUS ENOBARBUS and EROS, meeting]

  • Domitius Enobarus. How now, friend Eros! 1795
  • Eros. There's strange news come, sir.
  • Domitius Enobarus. What, man?
  • Eros. Caesar and Lepidus have made wars upon Pompey.
  • Domitius Enobarus. This is old: what is the success?
  • Eros. Caesar, having made use of him in the wars 'gainst 1800
    Pompey, presently denied him rivality; would not let
    him partake in the glory of the action: and not
    resting here, accuses him of letters he had formerly
    wrote to Pompey; upon his own appeal, seizes him: so
    the poor third is up, till death enlarge his confine. 1805
  • Domitius Enobarus. Then, world, thou hast a pair of chaps, no more;
    And throw between them all the food thou hast,
    They'll grind the one the other. Where's Antony?
  • Eros. He's walking in the garden—thus; and spurns
    The rush that lies before him; cries, 'Fool Lepidus!' 1810
    And threats the throat of that his officer
    That murder'd Pompey.
  • Domitius Enobarus. Our great navy's rigg'd.
  • Eros. For Italy and Caesar. More, Domitius;
    My lord desires you presently: my news 1815
    I might have told hereafter.
  • Domitius Enobarus. 'Twill be naught:
    But let it be. Bring me to Antony.
  • Eros. Come, sir.