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Speeches (Lines) for Third Fisherman
in "Pericles"

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First Fisherman. What, Patch-breech, I say!

Third Fisherman. What say you, master?



First Fisherman. Look how thou stirrest now! come away, or I'll
fetch thee with a wanion.

Third Fisherman. Faith, master, I am thinking of the poor men that
were cast away before us even now.



First Fisherman. Alas, poor souls, it grieved my heart to hear what
pitiful cries they made to us to help them, when,
well-a-day, we could scarce help ourselves.

Third Fisherman. Nay, master, said not I as much when I saw the
porpus how he bounced and tumbled? they say
they're half fish, half flesh: a plague on them,
they ne'er come but I look to be washed. Master, I
marvel how the fishes live in the sea.



Pericles. [Aside] A pretty moral.

Third Fisherman. But, master, if I had been the sexton, I would have
been that day in the belfry.



Second Fisherman. Why, man?

Third Fisherman. Because he should have swallowed me too: and when I
had been in his belly, I would have kept such a
jangling of the bells, that he should never have
left, till he cast bells, steeple, church, and
parish up again. But if the good King Simonides
were of my mind,—



Pericles. [Aside] Simonides!

Third Fisherman. We would purge the land of these drones, that rob
the bee of her honey.